By leveraging Zixi for high quality distribution over IP, broadcasters, live event producers, and media companies realize significant cost, operational, and quality benefits. Zixi enables one to many distribution by leveraging a cloud or on premise Broadcaster to transcode, transmux incoming Zixi streams, and deliver over any distance, multiple bit rates and protocols to any device.

Robust Scalable Distribution Platform

When it comes to distribution, Zixi supports several capabilities including Adaptive Bit Rate streaming which dynamically adjusts stream rate to adapt to changing network conditions, using unicast or multicast, to meet specific application requirements.

Zixi supports multiple-formats including MPEG-TS re-multiplexing (for professional IRDs), RTP – RTP streaming + SMPTE2022 FEC.

Zixi also supports many to many and any to any: gateway platform between UDP (unicast/multicast),  Zixi protected stream (unicast/multicast), RTMP, or other supported formats. ZIxi can also provide for accelerated HTTP delivery including optimized playback of HLS and HDS over UDP. This makes scalable, protected, distance agnostic, high quality distribution for OTT, Broadcast Distribution (one to many), and enterprise distribution simple.

Accelerated File Transfer: Zixi also supports accelerated file transfer leveraging UDP to push large media files at line speed comparable to top file transfer tools on the market.

Build Zixi into any device (HW or SW)

Because ZIxi is a software platform, users can build a Zixi Receiver into any application or hardware component to enable delivery via a Zixi protected TS to a set top box, game console, PC, mobile device (table/phone), application, or smart TV for an end to end solution.

Delivery Over The Top

Zixi is used for over the top delivery to zixi enabled set top boxes leveraging Zixi’s distribution capabilities for error free, buffer free video delivery. Zixi receiver is built into a set top box (android, iOS, Linux), which enables content owners, broadcasters, and live event producers to deliver right to their customers. This provides a way to deliver a 24×7 linear channel with live and VOD content, delivered to any device located anywhere.

Leveraging Zixi delivery over the internet, content owners and broadcasters are not restricted by Fiber or satellite and can take advantage of the high availiability and simplicity of internet based deployment.

Key Features (Cloud or On-Premise):

  • Support for Multi-cast and Uni-cast
  • Adaptive Bit Rate
  • Streaming
  • Multi-Format Support
  • Optimized playback
  • Embed Zixi into HW or SW for end to end delivery

Key Benefits:

  • Deliver to any device over IP
  • High Quality with no buffering, jitter, dropouts
  • Lower cost
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Reliable and Proven
  • Internet Scale and Reach

Key Uses:

  • OTT distribution
  • Point to Multi-Point Distribution
  • Enterprise Video distribution