Zixi enables broadcasters, media companies and content originators the ability to do content contribution at satellite and fiber operating metrics with internet based economics and availability.

Content contribution is the critical first step in the live video workflow, yet it remains a challenge for many who may not be able to use traditional contribution options due to cost or availability. Zixi solves those challenges with a cost effective contribution solution that enables live event and live linear customers to send content to and from practically anywhere in a simple and cost effective way.

Zixi does this by enabling real time streaming of broadcast quality content over an unmanaged IP network, including the public internet, at latencies, security and reliability comparable to satellite and fiber. This capability results in a significant reduction of the transmission costs compared with satellite and fiber alternatives while also lowering operational costs.

In addition, by using Zixi, content can be accessed anywhere a wired or wireless internet connection is present, enabling contribution of new content that can be used for entertainment, advertising and marketing purposes within a live broadcast or on a digital platform.

Complimentary Broadcast Content

Zixi has enabled customers to access live content used within the live broadcast feed (i.e. UFC tune in to Australia) and as part of digital or second screen experiences (i.e. Ryder Cup alternative holes and views).  Zixi’s affordability and flexibility enables new digital platform content.  Zixi has enabled access to content, unencumbered by existing rights agreements, used on digital platforms to create additional and exclusive experiences for fans resulting in increased loyalty and viewership for premier broadcast events (i.e. live tier 2 and tier 3 events)

Marketing Content

Zixi has enabled access to content, unencumbered by existing rights agreements, that can be used for advertising and marketing purposes on either the broadcast or digital platforms. As UFC has demonstrated, relevant and complimentary live content can be more engaging than traditional advertising and an effective mechanism for sponsorships and tune in advertising while also adding compelling new content for distribution to mobile platforms.

Zixi is superior to fiber and satellite alternatives due to unequaled mobility and improvement in overall transmission economics.

Many of the world leading media companies use Zixi to enables a live broadcast at satellite quality operating metrics but internet based economics, including Fox, BBC, UFC, Turner, Viacom, and Scripps.

Key Benefits:

  • High Quality Over IP
  • Low Latency
  • Ease of Use
  • Economical
  • Broader Reach

Key Uses:

  • Live Sports
  • ENG News Gathering
  • Live Event Contribution
  • Primary Contribution
  • Satellite Backup
  • Disaster Recovery