ZIXI - The Leader in Broadcast Delivery over IP

High Quality Video Delivery over IP with Zixi

For Broadcast media, live events help drive viewer engagement which is why quality is critical from contribution to distribution.

Producing live events that meet growing economic constraints, at broadcast quality, delivering to multiple platforms simultaneously, in varying bit rates and protocols, are all real world challenges broadcast media as an industry is facing today.

Zixi solves these issues with a robust, reliable, secure software platform that is both network aware and proven in a variety of different use cases.

Extend Your Reach

Zixi enables reliable contribution and consumptiom to happen anywhere there is a wired or wireless internet connection. Leveraging Zixi’s network aware protocol, live streaming can happen from anywhere and can be delivered to anywhere because Zixi is distance agnostic.

This provides broadcasters and live event producers with the ability to deliver the same quality users demand while lowering costs. Using Zixi for lower cost IP production enables content that in the past would be cost prohibitive to produce giving producers the ability to deliver new content on digital platforms creating new revenue opportunities.

Simplify Deployment

Zixi is simple to deploy and manage and plugs seamlessly into existing workflows. For contribution, Zixi Feeder is embedded into a growing number of encoders (SW and HW), cameras, and broadcast production tools from leading manufacturers like Ateme, Thomson, Harmonic, Teradek, JVC, Vitec, Nanocosmos, Wirecast, and more.

This makes Turning Zixi on and establishing a secure, reliable connection over wired and wireless unmanaged internet simple. For consumption, Zixi Receiver can also be embedded into any device. Zixi Receiver can run on set top boxes, game consoles, smart tvs, and more. Zixi Receiver is embedded in decoders (HW and SW), IRDs, set top boxes and more from Zixi ecoZystem partners, a growing list of OEMs who have embedded Zixi into their platforms.

Stream live content from Mobile devices with Zixi

Zixi can also be embedded into mobile devices, phones, tablets, and PCs, making reliable high quality content contribution from a phone or tablet easy.

Zixi can run on iOS, Android, and Windows devices offering partners a way to easily extend their reach while providing broadcasters more low cost options for high quality contribution.

Consuming content leveraging Zixi is just as easy since Zixi Receiver can also be embedded into apps running on any mobile device providing a termination point for the Zixi stream which delivers a jitter and buffer free experience with no dropouts.

Reliable and Proven

Zixi as a platform is in use today by some of the worlds top media companies for contribution, distribution, over the top delivery, backup, disaster recovery, Broadcast Monitoring, and ENG news and sports workflows.

Zixi is proven in the field with over 100 organizations using Zixi today. Zixi is becoming a standard setting the bar for distance agnostic, high quality, reliable, error free content delivery.

Broadcasters are leveraging the Zixi protocol in production for point to point, point to multipoint, distribution, all while lowering costs putting the economics of live production back in their favor.